Straighten Teeth Without Wires & Brackets

For those who desire an appealing, healthy smile, many adults are choosing to straighten the natural teeth they have rather than alter them through cosmetic dentistry. There are a number of reasons this is advantageous.

In some cases, it is also more economical to straighten teeth. Plus, once teeth are crowned or porcelain veneers are placed, they will always need these restorations. Additionally, properly-aligned teeth are an asset to your oral health.

For example, teeth that are crowded and crooked are more difficult to clean. The tight angles and nooks they form create havens for bacteria accumulation, which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Misaligned teeth can also transfer stress and strain on the TMJ (jaw joints). This can contribute to jaw joint tenderness, frequent headaches, migraines, chipped and worn teeth, night-time grinding or clenching, ear ringing and dizziness.

While moving natural teeth into their proper positions is beneficial for oral health and appearance, a deterrent for many is treatment itself. Adults, especially, dread the thoughts of months of uncomfortable wires and brackets. This is why we offer Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign is an FDA-approved system designed to straighten teeth at a pace similar to that of traditional braces (or faster, in some cases). Using 3-D computer imaging technology, a custom-made mold is created for various stages of treatment.The Clear way to Straighten Up

These molds are made of a clear, medical grade polymer and generally undetectable when worn. Adults like that they can avoid the awkward appearance of traditional braces. They also like that Invisalign can be removed to eat and clean teeth.

Invisalign is appropriate for adults as well as teens who prefer the comfort and convenience. Teens who are active in sports also feel less susceptible to the damage possible through brackets and wires against gum tissues.

If you’re considering tooth realignment, call 910-254-4555 for a free consultation to discuss Invisalign. I’ll explain the process and discuss costs during this time. If desired, I can have our Financial Coordinator explain payment options. Some are interest-free and require no down payment.

Have a healthy smile with your natural teeth! Invisalign provides a clear, comfortable way to achieve an appealing, healthy smile.

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