Don’t Just Be Active, Be Proactive Too!

stay-calm-mouth-cancerIn the past few decades, medical technology has rapidly changed for the better. Now there are many ways for doctors to determine if you are at risk for cancer. Women are recommended to participate in yearly mammograms to check for breast cancer, while men should schedule regular colonoscopies to see if they have colon cancer. Both of which are preventative and proactive measures. Now here are a few questions for you: Did you know there are proactive ways one can take to see if they are at risk for oral cancer? If you are screening for other cancers, why not get tested to see if you are at risk for oral cancer?

Oral cancer affects 42,000 Americans each year. This is no small number. In addition, individuals above 40 are more likely to be diagnosed with oral cancer. With such a large number, shouldn’t you want to do everything you can to see if you are at risk? At Riverside Dental Arts, Dr. Rich is proud to offer Salivary Diagnostics and the ViziLite Plus screening. Both of these tests are non-invasive measures to see if you are at risk for oral cancer. Salivary Diagnostics tests your saliva to see if the bacteria in your mouth or the DNA show any sort of abnormalities that could potentially put you at risk. With the ViziLite screening, you merely swish with a solution then Dr. Rich will examine your mouth with the ViziLite tool to help him examine your mouth past the typical lighting used in the office. Both of these tests are vital in catching oral cancer in the early stages.

Early detection is key to survival with cancers of all forms including oral cancer. Making an appointment to be tested using Salivary Diagnostics and ViziLite Plus allow you to stay ahead and catch any issues early. In addition, as part of our commitment to total wellness, we also provide an oral cancer screening exam at all of your regular cleaning appointments.

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