Happy Dental Hygiene Month!

Dental Hygiene pictureWe’ve all seen the Orbit commercials featuring the tagline of, “Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit,” but did you know they are sponsoring this year’s National Dental Hygiene Month? Along with the rest of the dental world, Dr. Rich is promoting dental hygiene throughout the month of October. So while you enjoy Oktoberfest and the overabundance of sugary treats at the end of the month, keep in mind that your teeth would enjoy some tender love and care. Dental Hygiene Month is a time to remember the daily habits that everyone should be using to keep your oral health in tip top shape, and to also appreciate the awesome job that our dental hygienists do on a daily basis to help keep all the patients at Riverside Dental Arts smiling brightly.

There are four main components that National Dental Hygiene Month is focusing on this year. These four components are ones that Dr. Rich and the staff at Riverside Dental Arts reminds our patients of year round. The four ways to create good oral maintenance include:

  1. Brushing your teeth twice daily
  2. Flossing every day
  3. Rinsing with mouth wash
  4. Chewing sugar free gum

These four actions really are simple enough. It doesn’t take hours out of your day to keep your teeth clean, really it only takes a few minutes twice a day to keep your oral health in great shape. Another way to make sure your dental hygiene is in check is to come in for regular cleanings with our exceptional staff, who love seeing your smiling faces! It is simple enough to come into see Dr. Rich and his staff so there is no excuse. We even have created a way for you to request an appointment on our Facebook page!

Information retrieved from: www.adha.org/national-dental-hygiene-month

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