Mouth Guards V. Mouth pieces. Are they the same?

UA mouthguard and mouthpiece

It is easy to look at a mouth guard and assume that they are only for big football players who get tackled and beat up on a regular basis. Just look at them, they are big and not particularly fashionable. Why would anyone outside of contact sports want to wear them? These assumptions are partially correct. Mouth guards are big and clunky yet they offer many benefits to contact sports athletes. Although, while mouth guards may not be for the everyday person, mouth pieces are!

Since we can’t all be football and hockey players, Under Armor has developed the ArmorBite mouth piece to enhance performance in non-contact sports. These mouth pieces are nothing like the mouth guards in appearance or fit. In fact, they fit on the lower teeth and you can actually put the mouth piece in your mouth and wear it all day without anyone suspecting a thing! Dr. Rich has even been known to wear his not only for athletics, but around the office as well to demonstrate the awesome inconspicuous feature of the mouth piece.

By wearing a custom-fitted Under Armor Mouthpiece by Dr. Rich, you can experience the benefits in everything you do. From wearing them daily to only when you participate in non-contact physical activities, the mouth piece can do great things for your performance. Whether you participate in golf, running, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, and so much more, a mouthpiece allows you to reach your full potential. Like a with a mouth guard, the mouth piece helps to reduce impact on your jaw and protect your teeth. The mouth piece also increases your airflow and the amount of oxygen you intake helping to improve your strength and endurance. It also reduces the amount of cortisol you produce and therefore decreasing your stress and fatigue.

Both the mouth piece and mouth guard have their benefits, but for the average person like you and I a mouthpiece helps to improve your everyday performance. Dr. Rich custom-fits each mouth piece to every patient so that everyone receives optimal comfort and benefits. Unless you are a linebacker, hockey player, or another contact sport athlete, no one wants to deal with the hassles of a big mouth guard. Instead, a mouth piece is the perfect compromise to gain all of the same benefits.

Information Retrieved from: Under Armour. (2010). UA performance mouthwear: For every athlete in any sport.

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