Hoops are back in Downtown Wilmington

Dr. Rich and Sea Devils playerFall is here and the team is back in gear down in the ILM! Returning as team dentist for another season with the Cape Fear Community College Athletic Programs, Dr. Rich is getting the players prepped and ready for the upcoming season. Team members are encouraged to make an appointment at the office to get a custom made mouth guard by Dr. Rich at Riverside Dental Arts. Just recently, one of the CFCC Sea Devil guards made her way into the office for her own made to fit mouth guard.

Dr. Rich is the team dentist for the Cape Fear Community College Athletes and the Carolina Hurricane’s Professional Hockey team as well; therefore Dr. Rich is trained in working with athletes to protect their teeth in potentially dangerous sporting situations. Dr. Rich and the Riverside Dental Arts office are equipped with Under Armor Mouth Guards and the ability to custom fit them to each individual. These Under Armor Mouth Guards are designed for superior protection and comfort, but these qualities are enhanced when the mouth guard is custom fitted to the athlete’s mouth.

Not only do these mouth guards protect athlete’s teeth and jaw from harmful impacts, they also provide a few more benefits as well. When athletes wear the ArmorBite mouth guards they have the potential to increase their strength and endurance, speed up reaction times, and reduce athletic stresses. Dr. Rich is proud to offer these patented and scientifically proven mouth guards to not only the Sea Devils and Hurricane’s players, but to all athletes across the area as well. A complimentary consultation will allow Dr. Rich and his team to assess your oral health and the benefits that a mouth guard will offer. He will then custom fit the mouth guard for each athlete so everyone can optimize their results.

Mouth guards are not just for college or professional athletes, they are for you as well! Start your fall off right by getting your custom made mouth guard at Riverside Dental Arts!

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