Oral Bacteria Attacks More than Just Your Mouth

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in North America? Are you aware that more than 46% of Americans are affected by gum disease? This means that more likely than not, you or someone around you may be harmed by oral bacteria. Now you may be wondering what gum disease and heart disease have in common. If you sit down and think about it, it makes sense that different parts of our body are affected by other parts. This means that what is going on in your mouth can negatively impact other systems of the human body.

Recent studies have looked closer at the link between the bacteria in oral disease and that which creates heart disease. Researchers at the University of Florida recently presented their findings from extensive studies on this matter to the American Heart Association. You may currently be aware that these two diseases might correspond but you may not understand the extent to which they do. According to the University of Florida Researchers, the same bacterium that creates gum disease is also a creator of heart disease.

Researcher Kesavalu Lakshmyya from the University of Florida draws attention to this connection in a brilliant manner: “The mouth is the gateway to the body.” Here at Riverside Dental Arts, we could not agree with this sentiment more. When coming into our office, we make sure to check not only your dental health, but we also take vital signs such as your blood pressure to monitor both sides of this bacterium. We understand that what goes on within your dental health affects the rest of your body; therefore we want to help our patients prevent the disastrous results of these diseases. By coming in for regular preventative checkups and catching gum disease early, we can help develop a treatment plan that will prevent any future harm from this bacterium. Contacting our office for an appointment today to learn how you can improve your health is easy and just a phone call away. Who knows, that phone call might just save your life.

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