The Gift Of A Confident Smile

The holiday season has most of us anguishing over gifts. This time of year seems to trigger an annual quest of sorts to find that someone special in our lives just the right gift. present

Or, maybe it’s the challenge of a gift for yourself. As the year winds down, some people consider treating ourselves to something much desired or needed but certainly well-deserved! Working hard all year should be rewarded, after all!

Whether you’re pondering a gift for another or for yourself, I’d like you to think about the gift of a smile.

When it comes to a gift, it’s hard to top a smile. An attractive smile can light up a room. It can enhance one’s overall appearance and project a more positive, confident, happy individual.

Replacing missing teeth or replacing a denture or partial with dental implants can also improve one’s chewing ability as well as confidence in social settings. In addition to eating a healthy diet, feeling comfortable with friends and family is an important part of our overall health and well-being.

For people who have crowded or crooked teeth, Invisalign makes a terrific gift. Invisalign uses clear molds to gently move teeth into their proper positions. They are removable for eating and brushing and are virtually undetectable when worn. No prickly wires or brackets!

Dental implants are an ideal tooth replacement option. Because implants are held by the jaw bone, they provide the same dependable foundation as natural teeth once had. They restore stability in chewing and confidence when speaking or laughing.

For whitening teeth, we offer Opalescence GO. This take-home whitening kit is comfortable, easy to use, and provides a dentist-level whitening for a very affordable price. The results are long-lasting and the degree of whitening is outstanding compared to drug store whitening kits.

Smile enhancements in the form of porcelain veneers, bonding or gum recontouring are also wonderful gifts. Repairing a ‘gummy smile’ often opChristmas Reindeer Headens up a whole new world of smiling for an individual who has this trait. Porcelain veneers can reshape a smile for a fabulous look and feel. Bonding offers an affordable way to repair flaws such as chips or breaks or fill in gaps between teeth.

Rather than a new television or leather jacket, imagine the appreciation for a new smile! We offer free consultations to discuss your goals and can determine costs. We can also discuss payment arrangements that break payments into monthly amounts that fit most budgets.

Call 910-254-4555 to schedule a consult time. Hurry! Only 37 days until Christmas!

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