This Holiday, Show You Care By Helping A Smile You Love

“What do I get Dad this year? He has everything!” 

“My grandson asked for a new snowboard but I’d like for him to smile without feeling awkward.” 

“My wife has given of herself to our children for years. It’s time she got the smile she’s always wanted.”

Each year, I am always impressed by the parents, grandparents, friends, spouses and even anonymous individuals (sometimes a coach or an employer) who ‘gift’ someopresentne the treatment they need or want for a healthier, more confident, or more attractive smile.

For a bride-to-be or a college freshmen, having a grandparent treat their grandchild to the procedure to repair a gummy smile is a gift of love and devotion. This procedure removes excess gum tissue over the teeth most visible in a smile. As a result, the individual no longer needs to ‘hold back’ on a full, joyful smile.

A child or children who wish to help a parent replace an ill-fitting denture or partial with dental implants is not unusual, either. It’s touching to know how caring and cherished a parent is that their children wish to help them regain smiling confidence and the ability to eat comfortably again.

Invisalign is another smile gift that is occasionally ‘gifted,’ sometimes anonymously. As a dentist, being a part of this humble gesture that helps an individual’s smile is always a pleasure. For many adults who need their teeth straightened, treating them to Invisalign means they avoid the awkwardness of wearing brackets and wires. Too, Invisalign can be removed for eating and cleaning. This tends to help patients do a better job of maintaining good oral health during treatment.

Husbands and boyfriends sometimes treat their wives to smile enhancements, and even vice versa! From porcelain veneers to porcelain crowns to whitening to bonding, we’ve been able to recreate smiles that had flaws (chips, broken teeth, crooked and crowded teeth, worn teeth, uneven gum lines and missing teeth), restoring smiling confidence and self-esteem.

For people on a tight budget who wish to treat that special someone’s smile, we offer Opalescence Go. This is a take-home whitening kit with 10 vials of dentist-level whitening gel. The gel is nicely flavored and the trays are very comfortable. The kits are just $60 and make a terrific smile perk-me-up! Not only does the user get a deep level of whitening, the longevity is excellent – far longer than drug store systems. For smokers who worked hard to kick the habit, this makes an ideal way to recognize their tremendous accomplishment!

There is nothing like a terrific smile, whether it’s your own or on someone you care about. This holiday season, give that special someone a gift they’ll enjoy for many, many years to come. A confident smile that is shared often is a treasure, every day. This holiday, smile often and be thankful for the precious smiles around you!

Considering ‘gifting’ a smile to someone? Call 910-254-4555 to learn more or arrange for a Gift Certificate for that special smile you love!


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