Fast, Inexpensive Ways To Perk Up Your Smile

It could be an upcoming class reunion. Or, perhaps you’re a member of a wedding party. It may even be finding yourself back in the dating arena. Maybe even a milestone birthday. There are many reasons to want your smile to look its best.

A smile has a significant affect on your overall facial appearance, of course. Yet, a smile that is discolored or shows flawed teeth causes people to hold back. They often conceal their smile with their hand or smile a ‘lips only’ smile.

Having an open and exuberant smile projects a happy, confident individual. While we realize some cosmetic dental procedures can be costly, several fast and less expensive options can improve the appearance.

  • Whitening: I’ve seen various drug store whitening kits and noticed their price tags. While these are easy to use, the degree of whitening they give is
    Each kit contains 10 trays for an affordable, effective degree of whitening.

    Each kit contains 10 trays for an affordable, effective degree of whitening.

    fairly minor. It will also be short-lived. These temporary lighteners, when used as needed over the course of a year, can add up to quite a sum. Rather than purchase these over and over, we offer a much more effective whitening system that will last a long time. A popular version in our office is Opalescence Go. This is a take-home whitening system that provides dramatic, long-lasting results for around $60.

  • Bonding: While the ideal option for reshaping teeth is porcelain (crowns or veneers), bonding is a durable, appealing way to correct flaws without the expense. Bonding material is applied to teeth to repair chips, breaks or gaps. In some cases, it can lengthen teeth or even out crooked angles. Shade matching will provide you with a natural look that blends well with surrounding teeth.
  • Cleaning & Polishing: When a mouth hasn’t received sufficient at-home care or regular dental cleanings, it shows. Regardless of the shape or shade of your teeth, having a smile that looks clean and healthy is always an asset to your appearance and the impression you make to others. Additionally, a clean mouth is the best way to have fresh breath. When oral bacteria are at minimal levels, it’s easy to be close to others when you know your breath reflects your high standards of hygiene.

The best way to learn the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, options available and associated fees is to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation appointment. We’ll sit together in a private consultation room and discuss what may work best to give you the results you desire at a cost your budget can manage. Payment options are available, which we’ll be happy to explain.

So, go to your class reunion or your niece’s wedding or on that first date with a smile you are happy to share! By projecting confidence and joy, you’ll show your best – from the inside out! Call 910-254-4555 to schedule.

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