Many Ways To Have A More Beautiful Smile

Not only does an attractive smile complement your facial appearance in a flattering way, research has shown it provides a number of benefits that go far beyond appearance.

An appealing smile sends a positive message to others. It projects an impression of good oral health. And, because people who feel confident about their smile tend to smile more often, they come across as being more outgoing and upbeat.

Terrific Smiles Go Farther Than What Can Be Seen!

Terrific Smiles Go Farther Than What Can Be Seen!

Research has also shown that smiling extends our lifespans and even activates endorphins. These are the ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain that make us happy. Even when we smile but don’t feel like smiling, your ‘fake’ smile apparently tricks the brain to release endorphins anyway.

There are many ways to enhance your smile. They include:

• Teeth Whiteners – While drug store whitening products make some improvement in lightening the shade of teeth, results are typically minimal and very temporary. In-office whitening systems that dentists provide give a far greater degree of whitening that lasts for a long time. For the best buy, consider a take-home whitening system such as Opalescent Go.

• Bonding – For people who have chips, uneven teeth, one or two discolored teeth or teeth that are too narrow, bonding is an excellent way to reshape and re-shade teeth. Bonding is a process that ‘paints on’ a strong material to fill in areas beautifully, correcting flaws that detract from a smile.

• Invisalign – When crowding is a problem, moving teeth into proper position not only creates a more attractive smile, it provides proper bite alignment. This helps you avoid problems that often result from a ‘bad bite,’ including worn or chipped teeth, migraines, sore jaw joints, and ear ringing. We are Invisalign Certified to provide a clear, comfortable process that eliminates the need for wires and brackets.

Straighten Teeth Faster & More Comfortably With Invisalign

Straighten Teeth Faster & More Comfortably With Invisalign

• Porcelain Crowns & Veneers – For the most natural look and feel, porcelain ‘restorations’ are ideal. They have a natural opalescence and luminosity and provide exceptional longevity. Porcelain crowns and veneers can reshape and re-shade teeth, correcting flaws while recreating a beautiful smile you’ll share often!

• Cosmetic Dentures – Many individuals now opt for Dental Implants for tooth replacement. However, for those who prefer dentures, advanced techniques and materials allow us to create a natural look that fills out the mouth for a more youthful appearance.

• Dental Implants – Because implants are held by the jaw bone, they restore the ability to bite and chew dependably and comfortably. Another benefit is the natural look. Because the teeth attached to the denture are custom-made, creating a beautiful smile is incorporated into the process. You’ll be able to eat and laugh without worrying about embarrassing slips or uncomfortable rubbing.

We are always happy to discuss smile enhancement options, especially since we love sharing in the joy and excitement of each patient when their new smile is completed! Ask for a no-cost consultation to discuss the ways we can create the smile you desire within a manageable budget. Call 910-254-4555 for an appointment.

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